Parents can hold life size model of their unborn baby

Stunning new technology allows pregnant mums and dads-to-be to meet their unborn child, in model form.


Data from ultrasounds and MRI scans has been turned into amazing plaster models of growing embryos by Royal College of Art PHD student Jorge Lopes. This pioneering method is called rapid prototyping and is made to the exact size of an unborn baby.


This mix between art and science is being exhibited at the RCA today and the technology is currently being trialled at a clinic in Rio de Janeiro.

It has been suggested that this new technology could help mums who are blind to bond with their babies or parents who are expecting a child with deformalities or disabilities.

The models created by Dr Lopes include conjoined twins, separated twins and unborn developing babies aged between 12 weeks and 32 weeks.

All images by: The Royal College of Art

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