Parents choose to have a ‘genderless baby’

Canadian mum and dad decide to keep their baby’s gender a family secret until he or she chooses who they are


Kathy Witterick and David Stocker are seemingly regular Canadian parents with two sons and a four-month-old baby, but only a handful of people know whether their new addition is a boy or girl.


Baby Storm’s identity is being hidden from the world because his/her parents claim that the world is full of stereotypes and believe that Storm has a right to choose who and what he/she wants to be.

Only Storm’s parents, two brothers, Jazz, 5, and Kio, 2, grandparents, a close family friend and the two midwives who helped with the birth know his/her true gender.

“We’ve decided not to share Storm’s sex for now – a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a stand up to what the world could become in Storm’s lifetime…” Storm’s parents said in an email to family and friends after the birth.

Kathy and David are also supportive of their two elder children’s rights to choose what they want to do and be.

Both boys wear their hair long and five-year-old Jazz has chosen to stay at home, even though he is now old enough to go to school. Jazz also loves pink – in particular a dress he picked out because it ‘really poofs out at the bottom’.

“What impact this will have on Storm is one that only time will reveal,”  said Dr Ken Zucker, the head of gender identity at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

But Storm’s parents are adamant to keep their baby’s identity a secret as long as Storm, Kio and Jazz are comfortable with it.

“Everyone keeps asking us, ‘When will this end?’ And we always turn the question back asking, ‘When will we live in a world where people can make choices to be whoever they are?’”

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