Parents don’t like bossy lunch box advice

Mums and dads don’t want schools interfering with their children’s lunch boxes


Many parents say schools are bossy and interfering when they tell them what to pack in their child’s lunch box, a report by Ofsted has warned.


Inspectors say instead, mums and dads want more advice on how to prepare healthier packed lunches for their children.

Ofsted visited 39 schools in England to see how they were getting healthy eating messages across to children and parents.

When it came to lunch boxes, several schools have introduced rules on their content, but many head teachers admitted they do feel uneasy about issuing rules for parents when preparing pack lunches, saying they ‘didn’t want to be patronising” to mums and dads.

Government guidelines suggest children’s lunch boxes should not contain crisps, chocolate or sweets, and only have processed meats occasionally.


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