Parents have little influence on children’s eating habits

Mums and dads play a smaller part than you’d imagine when it comes to children’s food habits, a study has found


If you thought that you’re wholly responsible for your child’s eating habits and what type of diet they have, think again, as a study has found that parents might not have as much influence as they think.


Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health looked at the link between children and their parent’s eating habits. They found a weak link between parent and child, and believe that influences on diet come from elsewhere.

“The family environment plays only a partial role,” explained Youfa Wang from the study. “More attention should be given to the influence of the other players such as schools, the local food environment, peer influence and advertising.”


However, the study doesn’t write parents off completely when it comes to influencing their child’s diet. “Parents need to be better empowered to be good role models and help their children eat a healthy diet.”

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