Parents in primary school massage row

A massage programme designed to help school pupils concentrate has sparked controversy after some parents deem it 'inappropriate'


Massage is known to help you relax and unwind, but it seems to be causing a fair bit of tension at one UK primary school.


Parents at Sheffield’s Hartley Brook Primary School are up in arms because their youngsters have been giving each other massages before lessons.

The 10-minute sessions were introduced by headteacher Mrs Chris Hobson as part of the Massage In Schools (MISP) programme to help pupils relax and concentrate after lunch breaks.

But some parents have withdrawn their children, claiming it’s ‘inappropriate’.

Parent Rachael Beer told the Daily Mail: “I just think there are better relaxation techniques out there that can help with that, such as yoga, that have the same benefits as peer massage that don’t involve them touching each other.”

Carole Thrower from MISP defended the programme and said it reduces bullying and improves behaviour.

“The benefits are huge – it improves concentration and calms them down and they become more confident,” she added.

What do you think? Are the parents too uptight or do they have a point?


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