Parents less concerned about child safety when on holiday

Almost one in four parents give their children more freedom on hols than at home.


One in four British parents admit to allowing their children to play alone in a resort centre, despite recent high profile cases like Madeleine McCann, reveals a study commissioned by online travel agent


The study showed that 24% of parents would let their children go to the beach or pool without them. If they were at home, however, only 6% of parents would do this.

More than 65% of the 1,424 Brits surveyed said they were more trusting of strangers when they were on holiday, and 64% leave their belongings unattended on the beach. If they were back in the UK, only 13% would leave their items unattended. As for walking alone in areas they don’t know, 65% also admitted to this.

“It is important to remember that even though you feel completely safe and relaxed on holiday, you probably don’t know the area very well and as a tourist you are likely to be more appealing to criminals because of the wad of cash and passport you may well be carrying,” said Chris Brown, Managing Director of

“I completely recommend relaxing on holiday but we should all put our safety and our families’ safety first. Always make sure you are supplied with a safety deposit box and unless you absolutely need to take your possessions out with you, don’t, and rather than let the children run wild throughout the resort, book a family-friendly hotel that has organised and safe entertainment for the kids.”


How much to you let your guard down on holidays? Let us know below…

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