Parents less concerned about children owning mobiles

Parents across the UK are becoming more willing to allow their children to own a mobile, new data has revealed.


According to The Times newspaper, a Populus poll shows that the number of mums and dads willing to provide their offspring with a phone has risen since last year.


The figures revealed that 43 per cent of consumers are not concerned about allowing children to have their own mobile phone before the age of 12.

Another 15 per cent said children under the age of ten should be able to own one.

Concerns have been raised over the impact of allowing young children to carry around such a gadget as some believe it could leave youngsters at risk of bullying.

But David Lourie, an analyst at Good Business, told the newspaper that consumers wre becoming less suspicious of technology.

“There is an opportunity as consumer trust returns more generally, for mobile phone retailers and operators to take a step forward on these issues,” he said.

He added: “Concerns are softening a bit, but not going away – there is still particular concern about child safety.”


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