Parents losing mealtime war to fussy eaters

Children using mix of old and new tricks to avoid eating their greens


One in three children are described as fussy eaters by their parents, according to a survey by sweet corn producers Green Giant.


As well as relying on traditional methods to avoid their greens, children are coming up with a range of even more sophisticated tricks. More than one in 20 resort to hiding the food they don’t want to eat and one mum even said she regularly catches her six-year-old son flushing peas down the toilet.

Many fussy eaters are also sticking to the old favourites with 13% opting for a good old-fashioned sulk, 14% choosing to throw a tantrum and 34% claiming to be full.

And it seems your children’s food avoidance tactics are driving you round the bend. Three quarters of parents who took part in the survey said they found family mealtimes as stressful as reverse parking, being late for work and a trip to the dentist.

Even more frustrating, the survey found that your little angels totally change their behaviour when a take-away is on offer or if you’re eating out. One in four parents said their children eat what they’re given at a friend’s house without complaint.


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