Parents pestered to spend more and more on children’s Christmas presents

Each generation of parents is spending more on their kids at Christmas, says a new study


Despite current financial pressures, parents today spend more on their kids Christmas gifts compared to 40 years ago, says new research.


Today’s younger parents are more likely to cut back on things in order to buy presents for their kids, than older parents and those of previous generations, reveals a poll by Saga and netmums.

Research showed that down the generations the amount spent on presents has increased.  Some call it ‘pester power’ and the sight of children losing the real meaning of Christmas.

Older mums feel Christmas should be about family time, whereas parents of today feel Christmas is about giving rather than being together.

With parents of the 1930s, 61% said they spent less than £50 in total on presents.  Whereas a lot of parents of the 1990s admitted to spending more than £200, and only 14% spend the same as the 1930s parents. 

Another 63% of younger mums said they go without in order to afford Christmas gifts for their children.

“The research we conducted shows that more than 90% of the over 50s believe that more money is spent on children’s presents in this day and age than when they were a child,” explains Ros Altmann, director general of the Saga Group.

“They feel that Christmas is becoming too commercialised, has lost the ‘family time’ they used to have when they were children. It appears that the nation’s grandparents are more careful about funding the cost of buying presents and will not take on debt to do so, whereas younger mums and dads find the pester pressure for pressie purchases will make them poorer,” added Ros.


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