Parents reveal top 10 presents for babies

Survey shows gifts family and friends buy most for newborns


A new study of British parents has discovered the top ten gifts most commonly bought for a friend or family member’s new baby.

Advertisement polled 1,273 parents with children aged two and over, finding that 83% had been given baby-related gifts before the arrival of their first child.

The mums and dads were then asked what kinds of gifts their nearest and dearest had bought for them for their baby’s birth, and the most popular answers were:

1.       Clothing     79%
2.       Bottles/ Feeding Equipment     51%
3.       Baby Bath     45%
4.       Cot     41%
5.       Nappies     39%
6.       Toiletry products     34%
7.       Car seat      32%
8.       Moses Basket     24%
9.       Pushchair          21%
10.     Changing station     15%

It would seem that all this present buying can only be a good thing as 59% of the parents spoken to said that having friends and family buying items for them was a ‘considerable financial help’, while 16% confessed they didn’t feel ‘financially prepared at all’ for the birth of their first child.

We wonder if Kate and Wills had this in mind then they gifted their celebrity friend with a union jack onesie?


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