Parents shocked to find family photo used as advert

A US family’s Christmas card photo has turned up on a poster in Prague.


Danielle and Jeff Smith, parents to a little girl and boy, found their family photo was being used without their knowledge or permission on an advertising poster in the Czech Republic, reports BBC News.


Danielle and Jeff had used the photo of their family-of-four as their Christmas card, and posted it on an internet blog.

A friend travelling in Prague spotted the Smiths’ life-sized image smiling at him from a poster in a store, and alerted the family, in St Louis, USA.

The store owner, Mario Bertuccio, said he believed the image had been computer generated, and he used the image to advertise his grocery delivery service.

When Mario found out it was a real family, he took action to remove it, offered to send an email apology, and said if the Smiths lived nearby he would have given them a bottle of wine, too!


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