Parents ‘sick’ with fear over children’s diet?

Mums and dads worry about letting their kids eat at friends’ houses because they don’t trust other parents’ meal choices


One in three mums dread their children going to friends’ houses for dinner – because they know they’ll be fed junk, according to a new study.


Research commissioned by Kellogs questioned 2,000 parents about their attitudes towards allowing their children to eat meals at their friends’ houses.

Kellogs found that approximately 33% of parents worry that letting their child eat dinner at a friend’s house means they will miss out on healthy food and instead come home with a poorly tummy after munching on junk food.

A spokeswoman for Kellogs said, “It’s the nightmare of many parents – a loss of control over their kids… it seems British parents are quite literally sick with fear about losing grip on their kid’s diets when they’re not around.”

Significantly, more than 60% of parents said their kids knew what food was healthy and unhealthy and made good choices when it came to what they ate.

Here at MFM HQ we reckon the researchers might have gone a little overboard. Do you have nightmares about your kids occasionally tucking into a little too much jelly and ice cream when their at a friends’? or do you just enjoy a night out of the kitchen?

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