Parents’ social life destroyed by children

Mums and dads go out together less than 15 times in five years, says new survey


If your Friday nights out having fun or drinks with your partner seem like a distant memory, then chances are you’ve become a parent, according to a new poll.


Of the 3,000 parents surveyed by ReadyBed, seven out of 10 admitted that they’d love to spend more nights out together since the arrival of their first born. Over half (57%) felt that their lack of social life affected the romance in their relationship.

However, of those who said they wanted to spend more time with their partner, one in three revealed that they didn’t go out because they felt guilty about asking people to babysit for them! Others blamed the dreaded hangover (that definitely gets worse once you’re a parent!) and others felt they couldn’t spare the cash.


“People feel bad for putting their own relationship as a couple above their children – but it is enormously important to continue a degree of normality and romance after becoming parents,” says ReadyBed spokesperson Lucy Wynn-Jones.

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