Parents spend big to ensure child is star of the Nativity play

Competitive mums and dads are blowing the budget on costumes


Competitive parents are spending up to £150 on a costume for their child’s Nativity play, according to one big-name UK department store. The trend is becoming such a concern, the store has told its personal shoppers right across the nation to persuade parents not to spend!


The trend has been dubbed “Manger Chic” by Debenhams. It said it noticed an increase in parents asking for advice a couple of weeks ago. While plenty of mums and dads just wanted to know how to make the most of cheap goods, there were those that really stepped it up a notch.

“The amount of money that some parents want to spend on their child’s Nativity Play appearance would enable Baby Jesus to leave the stable and check into a five star hotel. It’s silly and we’re doing all that we can to persuade competitive parents to change their minds it is the season of good will after all.
“Their sons and daughters will still look wonderful wearing a pair of pyjamas and a sheet rather than the latest dress or coat straight from the high fashion catwalk,” said Ed Watson from Debenhams.

What about the kid who plays the role of the donkey, or just another animal in the manger? Well, according to Debenhams Ed Watson, “They feel they have to compensate for their child’s minor role by putting on a much greater display of Manger Chic to win attention.”

Some of the items popular with competitive parents have been:

  • Bridesmaid dresses, around £40, for an Angel
  • Artic Fur throws, pushing the £60 price tag, for sheep
  • Fleeced duffle coat with hood, £14, for the donkey (just add ears!)
  • Velvet dress, for more than £20, for the role of Mary
  • Baker stripe Velour dressing gown, £25, for a Shepherd

We say bring on the PJs, old sheets and tea-towels!


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