Parents swarm like ‘locusts’ to grab eggs for their kids

Pushy parents start snaffling out eggs before official hunt even gets started....cheeky!


Had a good Easter? We’re guessing you might have enjoyed a civilised and sensible egg hunt in your garden at some point, where you shared the spoils evenly between the family?


So, how’s this for an Easter egg scramble? Pez Candy, organisers of a giant Easter egg hunt in Connecticut, USA, set over 3 fields with 9,000 – yep, you read that right – NINE THOUSAND eggs for the taking – were totally stunned when over-ambitious parents started seeking out the choccy eggs before they were allowed in order to get as many as they could for their little darlings.

As so many people showed up for the free event, different groups were allocated different start times to begin their hunt, but lots of adults ignored their times completely and rushed the field, totally overwhelming employees.

One mum, who attended with her 4-year-old son, said: “When it came time at like 10:30am, the parents just bum-rushed that area.”

She even said her little boy “had a broken basket and he was hysterically crying” and that she spotted eggs being stolen directly out of kids’ baskets. Yikes.

Another said his grandson had been left “bloody” after the incident.

While some people blamed the organisers, lots more praised Pez on their Facebook page and instead put the blame firmly with the candy-mad competitive parents who were obviously just looking to get as much chocolate for their children as they possibly could.

“I appreciate your efforts to make it awesome for the kids,” one mum told Pez CAndy on their Facebook page. “This has unfortunately showed the bad attitudes of those who feel entitled to take whatever they want when they want it.

SHAMEFUL. They just taught their children how to bully others and be unappreciative. But thank you for trying.”

Another said: “I know many individuals seem to blame PEZ for this but this was entirely the fault of parents who think their children are special snowflakes and deserving of everything.”

Eggsellently put. We wonder if they’ll be doing it again next year? Probs not…

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