Parents think corporal punishment should be reintroduced into schools

Nearly half of parents agree corporal punishment should be returned to UK classrooms, finds new survey


New research has found that parents believe corporal punishment should be reintroduced into secondary schools.


Out of the 2,000 parents surveyed for the Times Educational Supplement, around 49% of parents believed corporal punishment should be brought back into schools. When asked specifically about “smacking/caning children” the support went down to 40%.

Support for traditional punishments remained high in the survey, with 89% agreeing that poorly-behaved children should be sent out of class and 88% supporting after-school detentions.

Over 500 secondary school pupils were also surveyed. When is came down to discipline, 60% believed that teachers should be allowed to be tougher, a notion that was backed by nearly all the parents.

“The right that every child deserves to be taught properly is currently undermined by the twisting of rights by a minority who need to be taught an unambiguous lesson in who is boss,” said Education Secretary, Michael Gove.

However according to The National Union of Teachers (NUT), parents have the wrong impression when it comes to the classroom being a place of “rowdy and disrespectful behaviour,” reports the BBC. It added that teachers needed more support to encourage children with sanctions and rewards, rather than “the right to hit children”.

Do you think corporal punishment be reintroduced into the classroom?

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