Parents to sue Apple?

Case highlights issues surrounding in-app purchasing in games aimed at children


A group of parents in the USA is trying to sue Apple, claiming that the company is unfairly profiting from in-app purchases present in games aimed at children, reports BBC News. The parents argue that children could too easily run up big bills without “authorisation of their parents.”


While many games available through the iOS platform are free to download, they may offer in-app game add-ons, some of which can cost up to as much as £70.

Apple highlighted that in-app purchasing can now be disabled and called for the case to be dismissed.

As well as the ability to turn off in-app purchases completely, Apple has added extra steps to the process so that an additional password is required to make in-app purchases.

Despite this, US District Judge Edward Davila has said the hearing can go ahead.

The group of parents has said kids were still encouraged to purchase items by the addictive nature of the games and that parents may not be totally aware of the financial implications.

According to BBC News, Apple has not yet responded to requests for comments on the case.

Apple isn’t the only one with in-app buying functions – other mobile platforms, such as Google’s Android, have them too.

Do you think that Apple’s done enough already?

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