Parents told son is fat

A boy 500g overweight is sent health warning


The parents of Zac Forder, 5, were sent a health warning after their son was found to be just 500g over his ideal weight. Zac weighs 21.3kg, instead of 20.8kg.


Mum Michala, 37, from Oxfordshire, received a letter from Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust that said her son risked diabetes and cancer because of this.

Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust apologised yesterday for the health warning. While it was sorry for any alarm caused by the letter, it said it was just following guidelines.

Michala said, “All some parents will see is ‘overweight’ and ‘cancer’. It’s a very damning attitude.”

She also said, “There has got to be a better way of doing it.”


Have you been told your child’s too big? Are you worried about it? Let us know…

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