Parents want to use dead son’s sperm for grandchildren

Couple’s son wasn’t in a relationship and hadn’t talked about having children, but they want to use his frozen sperm


A couple in Israel have launched a legal campaign to be allowed to use their dead son’s sperm to have grandchildren, reports the Telegraph.


Mali and Dudi Ben-Yaakov lost their son, Ohad, in a work accident last year. The couple are now claiming rights to use his organs, which they agreed to donate while Ohad was in a coma, and are taking legal action to be allowed to use his sperm which was frozen before his death.

But the couple are in for a fight because Ohad didn’t leave any verbal or written instructions about using his sperm, and wasn’t in a relationship when he died.

Ohad’s parents say if their case is successful, they will find a woman to bear their grandchild and raise his or her in a bid to continue the family life.

“He was a giving person, and when we realised that there is no way to bring him back, we wanted that Ohad will continue to live in the body of others,” the couple told the Ha’aretz newspaper. “It’s what he would have wanted.”

The case is the first of its kind in Israeli, which doesn’t recognise the rights of parents to use their children’s sperm.


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