Parents warned about children emailing Santa

Watch out for ‘Dear Santa’ websites that require you to share personal data, says US organisation


Emailing Santa you’re Christmas wishes may seem more convenient than writing a traditional letter, but it looks like choosing pen and paper may be less risky. Parents are advised to do their homework on these ‘Dear Santa’ websites before letting their child write to Santa on the net this Christmas.


An organisation in the US warns that more than 60 domain names have been registered in the name of Santa Claus on the net, letting children email Santa their wish lists and letters. But some of these websites gather personal information and share it with a third party.

According the Children’s Advertising Review Unit in America, all websites directed to children should have a clear privacy policy that states the site’s information collection practices. The websites should also state whether the company shares data with third parties and whether it keeps the data for any future purposes.

Watch out mums. Surely Santa knows where there kids live already?!

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