Parents worry children’s brains are being rewired by Facebook

UK parents think Facebook and Twitter are addictive and many worry the internet is dangerous for children


Many parents are worried about the effect the internet is having on children. A whopping 80% of parents surveyed by internet charity The Nominet Trust believe that social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are addictive.


A third of the parents believed their children could be in danger from the internet and a similar number also thought the web could “rewire” a child’s brain.

But Nominet, which believes the internet is the force for good, insisted there’s no evidence to suggest that sites such as Facebook do any harm. Annika Small, Director of the Nominet Trust, explained there was no neurological evidence to suggest the internet was rewiring children’s brains and that actually the social skills used on the site reinforced existing friendships.

But critics of the growing use of the internet and social networking among children have called for more research into the effect they may have.

Do you worry about your children using the internet?

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