Party leader Christmas cards: which gets your vote?

Do you prefer Nick Clegg's, David Cameron's or Ed Miliband's?


Each of the UK’s three main political party leaders has revealed their official Christmas card for this year – and they’ve all chosen, in very different ways, to focus on a family theme.


But which one gets your vote of approval?

Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg went for the comedy approach, getting his three children Antonio, Alberto and Miguel to use an iPad to doodle a Santa hat and beard, reindeer antlers, a Christmas tree and a Christmas stocking over a pic of himself and his wife, Miriam, sitting on a stripey sofa.

Labour leader Ed Miliband chose a happy-family picture of himself and his wife Justine, walking along Brighton beach with his son Samuel in Justine’s arms and his older son Daniel hanging on to his parents’ hands to take a swing in the air.

Prime Minister and Tory party leader David Cameron went for the arty black-and-white look, featuring a shot of himself,  his wife Samatha, and their youngest child, Florence.

So, which one is your favourite – and why? Please do tell!

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