Passengers back the mum and crying baby thrown off bus

An American bus company is investigating complaints after a mum was kicked off a bus in the middle of nowhere because her baby was crying.


An unnamed mum and her young baby were told to leave the No. 57 bus in America by the female driver, who complained the baby’s crying disturbed her driving. However, the other passengers decided to get off, too. Power to the people!


“The mom wasn’t sitting their indifferent, she was fussing. The mom was rocking [the baby], trying to help her out,” fellow passenger Jennifer Chapman said, reports the Daily Mail.

“You can’t just kick a woman off the bus because her baby’s crying,” Jennifer said to the bus driver at the time.

“If you don’t like it, you can get off the bus,” the bus driver replied, according to Jennifer, 31.

Apparently the baby was not crying loudly, and the driver’s harsh announcement hit a nerve with all the other passengers on the bus, who got up and left in protest.

“Every single person got off the bus, and it was a full bus, with just two empty seats. I thought, what if it was me? What if I got kicked off the bus, with my crying baby, in the dark, miles from home? It was wrong, it was dangerous for that poor woman,” added Jennifer.

Jennifer and five fellow passengers complained to the bus company, TriMet, after the ordeal, which was later confirmed by TriMet spokeswoman, Mary Fetsch.

“It appears that this may not have followed policy. We’re still investigating, obviously it’s not good customer service,” said Mary.

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