The Unmumsy Mum’s super-honest cellulite snap

Fans loved her 'real' and 'inspiring' thigh photo...


Mum blogger The Unmumsy Mum’s thighs have caused a little bit of an online storm ?️


The woman behind the blog, Sarah Turner, took to her Instagram page to share a family snap from her holiday – in which she’s wearing denim shorts.

It’s pretty clear to see that she looks fab in the photo – so it makes sense that her followers began complimenting her appearance, in particular telling her she had lovely legs.

Quickly, she followed up with what she called another pic – this time showing her legs from a close-up angle, revealing a few tiny cellulite dimples.


“It’s awfully kind of you all to tell me I have lovely legs (thank you!)” she wrote alongside it.

“But please remember these Instagram squares are a selectively (usually favourably) edited version of reality. “This is the leg shot in those exact same denim shorts that I sent my pals the day we left.

“I’ve just put a filter on it but I don’t think even Valencia can make this Instaperfect ? #cellulitefordays #differentangledifferentstory”

There’s definitely been a rise in the so-called ‘honest’ post-baby and mum body pics out there, and here at MFM HQ, we couldn’t be happier about it ?

It seems Sarah’s fans also appreciated the extra pic, with one writing:

“Thank you for sharing!! Awesome to see women being real and looking fab.”

“No one can sit like that and not have cellulite!!! Perfectly normal,” added another.

While one enthused: “Thank you from the top of my cellulite-ridden thighs. Love it. ???”

Images: Instagram/The Unmumsy Mum

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