Patsy Palmer poses with baby Bertie – and reveals that she’s quit EastEnders

Actress shows off her newborn and reveals the part her daughter played in the EastEnders fallout

Following the lead from Elton John and many other celebrity parents who’ve unveiled their bundle of joy on the front of a magazine, EastEnders actress Patsy Palmer shows off her newborn baby Bertie for the first time.


Posing with a sleepy looking Bertie on the front cover of Hello! magazine, 38-year-old new mum Patsy revealed that she’s followed co-star Samantha Womack’s decision to leave EastEnders after her 9-year-old daughter Emilia begged her not to go back after watching the recent cot death and baby swap storyline.

“We all cried when we watched it. But it really affected Emilia because she adores her new baby brother and simply couldn’t believe something like that could happen,” Patsy told Hello! magazine. “She was sobbing her heart out and kept saying, ‘Please don’t go back there mummy.'”

The actress revealed that the harrowing plot affected her too, especially as she’d just given birth, and apparently it was for this reason she decided to step down from her role as Bianca Butcher. “I’ve just finished my contract with EastEnders and I’ve decided I don’t want to be tied down by anything.”


Patsy also defended Samantha’s departure, saying, “In Sam’s defence, she’s a lovely mum, a brilliant actress and she adores children. I’m sure playing that part affected her.”

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