Peaches Geldof talks baby and birth

Peaches reveals that Astala was whisked away by doctors just minutes after birth


Peaches Geldof has shared the first pictures of her baby son Astala and has spoken for the first time about the birth in an exclusive interview with Hello! magazine.


The 23-year-old-daughter of Sir Bob Geldof gave birth to her and musician fiancé Thomas Cohen’s first baby last month. Peaches has revealed that just minutes after delivering Astala by c-section, while Thomas cut the umbilical cord, it became clear that her baby son was having breathing difficulties and was “whisked away” by doctors.

“It was the most terrifying experience, to have our tiny baby whisked away like that,” Peaches said to Hello! magazine.

“I was yearning for that skin-to-skin contact I’d waited so long for and not to be able to hold him and nurse him and comfort him was so upsetting,” Peaches said.

“He had a lack of something called surfactant, which made it a struggle for him to breathe. He was in intensive care for a few days,” the new mum explained.

“What happened to Astala is quite common in babies born by caesarean,” said Peaches. “To be able to finally hold him and take in all his little features was wonderful,” she said.

Peaches also spoke of how her dad has reacted to her newborn son. “He’s besotted with Astala because he’s his first grandchild but especially, I think, because he’s the first boy in the family,” she said.


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