Peaches shares her favourite lullaby videos

Renee and Jeremy songs are perfect for ‘wind-down time’, says celeb mum of two

We all know a good lullaby can help baby drift off to sleep.


And now Peaches Geldof has revealed that she plays her children soothing YouTube videos by acoustic singer/songwriter duo Renee and Jeremy.

The duo cover popular songs from Coldplay and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, as well as singing their own lullaby It’s a Big World, and their videos feature gentle colourful animations.

“#PeachTip for your babies and toddlers!” says Peaches. “Show them Renee and Jeremy animated acoustic lullaby videos on YouTube. Astala loves their cover of Yellow by Coldplay, with a cartoon of a mum and baby growing up, their cover of Give it Away by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers with a mouse ice cream man and their original song It’s A Big World with dancing flowers and sun! Great for making them all sleepy before bed and for wind-down time.”

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