Peppa Pig is sued by ‘Gabriella Goat’

An Italian women with the same name as a Peppa Pig cartoon character claims she’s been ridiculed since the episode aired


An Italian woman – with the same name as a Peppa Pig character – is suing the British makers of the cartoon series, claiming she’s been ridiculed by friends and colleagues since a particular episode aired on Italian TV.


Gabriella Capra shares a name with Gabriella Goat, a baby goat that features in a 2012 episode of Peppa Pig – Capra means Goat in Italian.

The Holiday in the Sun episode features Peppa and her family holidaying in an Italian village where she befriends Gabriella Goat, the niece of the local pizza maker, Uncle Goat.

“Hello. I am Gabriella Goat. Baaaaa,” the character says in the English version of the show. But in Italy, the character said: “Buon giorno, sono Gabriella Capra. Baaaaa.”

Now the real-life Gabriella Capra – a 40-year-old businesswoman from Perugia – wants £80,000 compensation from the London-based animation studio Astley Baker Davies.

“Since this episode came out on the small screen, she has been the frequent object of derisive jokes by friends and colleagues,” said the Italian National Foundation of Consumers (FNC), representing Ms Capra in the lawsuit.

If Ms Capra’s legal action is successful, the FNC have said she’ll donate any compensation ‘to voluntary associations looking after abandoned children’.

What do you think? Would you sue for compensation if you were Ms Capra? Or is she maybe taking things just a bit too seriously? Do let us know in the Comments below!

Photo: Channel 5

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