Peter Andre backs anti-smacking campaign – though admits it didn’t do him any harm

Times have changed, says Peter...


In his latest new! magazine column, Peter Andre has tackled one of those parenting issues that really gets people talking – smacking.


Oh yes.

Peter admits he was shocked to find that the UK goes against most other European countries – where smacking is illegal.

“Listen when I was growing up my brothers and I were smacked – and it did us no harm,” he writes.

“But back then, I think a lot of parents smacked out of frustration and there weren’t really many other methods of discipline out there.

“But it wasn’t considered bad as at the time they didn’t know any different. 

“Times have changed now, and I’ve never needed to smack my children to discipline them.

“I really think it should be banned because I don’t believe it’s necessary in order to discipline kids.”

Rather than smacking, Peter says he’ll punish his kids by taking away their toys or gadgets.

In the UK there are guidelines about what is and isn’t appropriate: the Child Law Advice states it is against the law for a parent or carer to smack a child unless it amounts to “reasonable punishment” – but that doesn’t actually make it illegal. 

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