Peter Andre posts his first pic of baby Amelia

Emily MacDonagh’s husband-to-be says Amelia is a ‘carbon copy’ of her mum


Peter Andre has been pretty quiet on the baby front recently. Unlike many celebs, he admits he doesn’t like putting pictures of his adorable 4-month-old baby on Twitter, but this week he just couldn’t resist.


“I never put pictures of Amelia on Twitter but I couldn’t resist posting one of us watching Peppa Pig together. We watch it a lot and I’ve now found it in Greek on YouTube,” he wrote in his new! magazine column.

In the pic, Amelia is enjoying watching her favourite show from her dad’s lap. “Me and little mills watching Peppa Pig before work,” he commented.

Like Peter’s other daughter, Princess Tiaamii, Amelia has strong blue eyes. “You can’t tell from the picture but she has the bluest eyes. If you put her face next to Em’s, they’re the carbon copy of each other,” he added. 

And the 41-year-old proudly declared that it won’t be long before Amelia is moving around on her own.

“Amelia is developing really well and she’s just about crawling, so it won’t be long now,” he said. 

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