Phillip Schofield: Why didn’t The One Show ask Cheryl if she’s pregnant?

Should you ever ask at all?


The speculation circus around whether or not Cheryl is pregnant ? took another twist yesterday, when This Morning host Phillip Schofield expressed shock that she wasn’t asked about it when appearing on The One Show.


“Sometimes guests might say before a show, under no circumstances can you ask about this,” he said, referring to the restrictions some stars insist on before agreeing to be interviewed.

“But that leads me to wonder why they might have said that?”

He then went on to confess: “It happens on this programme sometimes and normally we will do as we’re told, but sometimes we are naughty”.

However, co-host Holly was quick to chip in with what could be the actual reason they didn’t ask:

“She might not even be pregnant.”


We discussed this in our Facebook live chat yesterday – noting how tough it must be for people in the public eye to ride out these rumours – and we concluded there, that if Cheryl (or Taylor Swift or Khloe Kardashian or anyone else who is currently rumoured to be pregnant) was having a baby… they would (hopefully) tell the world in their own good time.

But Phillip’s thoughts on the subject also got us thinking: what about when it comes to us mere mortals? 

Is it ever OK to ask someone if they’re expecting, or do you think it’s never cool to ask? Do you think it’s slightly different for celebs, and that The One Show should’ve asked Cheryl?

We’d love to know your take on this… so let us know on Facebook!

Images: ITV/This Morning

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