Touch your toes

When your baby is born it's hard to imagine how they ever fit inside your womb – even though you've carried them around inside you for 9 months. But a newborn photographer has revealed just how they curl up to make it all possible. Just after birth, newborn babies can fold themselves back into the position they were in before they were born – and we mean really curl up.


"Most of the time babies relax in this position, they feel secure again like inside," Mary Fermont, the Dutch photographer responsible for these stunning images wrote on her blog. "When they grow older it's harder and harder to fold them up this way."

Mary learnt that newborns curl up this way when photographing a birth for the first time – and has been asking for shots like this since.

"It started when I documented my first birth. The midwife who was present at this birth, showed the parents how the baby was curled up inside. When this happened again I thought: 'I have to ask this more often'. Ever since I ask the midwife – if there is a possibility – to show this. It's always such a nice photo for the parents to have and sometimes even the dads want to hold their baby like this.

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Photos: Fermont Photography

All curled up




Knees are just far too comfortable


Look mum! I can touch my forehead with my toe!


Ohh, just let me curl up again


Getting a good grip


Toe munching


Just 5 more minutes...

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