Photographer surprises widow with family photo she thought she’d never see

Dead dad looks over his baby son in Photoshopped picture


A year after her husband died, Stephanie Summers has the photo she thought she’d never see – of her son and his dad – who he’d never met, thanks to one photographer’s Photoshop skills.


Paramedic Taurean Summers was just 28 when he was killed in a plane crash white escorting a patient from Las Cruces in New Mexico to Phoenix in Arizona. His wife Stephanie was 5-months-pregnant at the time – and now a year later she’s decided to honour her late husband with a very special photo shoot.

Photographer Laura Gordillo recreated a photo session that she and her husband had done for their anniversary – so their son named Taurean, after his dad, could pose in the same spots. But when the photographer showed Stephanie the images she’d created, there was a special surprise – she’d altered one of the photos so that it appears as if Taurean is looking over his family.

“Stephanie didn’t think she’d have a family photo to ever hang on her wall and show her son,” the photographer told Yahoo. “Now it’s something she can show him for years to come.”

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Photo: Laura Gordillo Photography

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