It was all over Facebook this Christmas. And on YouTube, Pie Face Challenge videos have been notching up over 7 million views. So it’s no surprise that the Hasbro game Pie Face has just won the British Toy & Hobby Association Best Toy of the Year Award.


Its mix of whipped cream and roulette style tension has spawned viral videos featuring families across the generations – from little kids to big kids. And it’s these hilarious videos that have sent sales sky-rocketing.

Only last week, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield got Pie-Faced at Ant and Dec’s house party after the National Television Awards.

So where you can buy it cheapest?

The RRP for Pie Face is £19.99 and when we checked this morning, most retailers are selling it for this price, including Argos and Toys R Us. Both The Entertainer and Smyths Toys are currently out of stock, though expecting new games in any day.

But the best price we found was just £13.36 on Amazon. If you want it, we’d recommend buying it ASAP as the price is likely to go up.

So why are there two Pie Faces?

Confusingly, you may also find a similar-looking Pie Face game for sale, but produced by Rocket Games rather than Hasbro. That’s because Rocket originally launched Pie Face in 2014, and then Hasbro licensed it in May last year.

And it’s not new at all. An original version of the game appeared back in the 60s - made by, erm, Hasbro. It's taken 50 years for Pie Face to hit gold.

Could Wet Head be the new Pie Face for 2016?

Given that Pie Face owes a lot of its success to the videos that were shared across social media, everyone’s on the look out for the next game that involves some kind of shareable fun humiliation.


And that could just be Wet Head. Launching in the UK this Spring, Wet Head has a hat that you strap on to your head and then each player pours water into the hat. You’re asked questions and if you get it wrong, one player may be squirted.

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"It’s already taking off in the States," says Wet Head’s sales director Graham Spark. "It’s important to know that Wet Head is not just an outdoor game as it can just as easily be played indoors."

MadeForMums is testing Wet Head at The Toy Fair today and we’ll let you know just how wet we get.




Susie Boone, Editorial Director MadeForMums
Susie BooneEditorial Director, MadeForMums