Pingu’s horror makeover an internet hit – for adults’ eyes only

Lee Hardcastle’s mash up of children’s hit show Pingu and 80s horror movie The Thing is definitely not one for kids


Fireballs, arms being amputated, killer creatures bursting out of the head of a dog…not exactly what you’d expect from your average episode of Pingu. That was until Leeds-based director Lee Hardcastle got his hands on some clay.


Mashing together the loveable characters of Pingu with 80s horror movie The Thing, Lee’s unofficial spoof means the innocent honking of a penguin will never be the same again.

It’s certainly not one for the children – there’s no lovable mishap with Robby the seal and it ends with Pingu swigging from a bottle while igloos burn around him. But it seems the claymation clip has been quite the hit. John Carpenter, who directed the original The Thing even tweeted that he loved the new version, asking followers whether it was actually better than the original.

So, if you can cope with seeing Pingu attack his own infected father with a flame-thrower, take a peek. Just make sure the kids don’t get wind of the theme tune!


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