Is this the answer to helping your child sleep on a plane?

It's a case that turns into a bed ?


Oh, the joys of flying with a little one in tow.


And if you’re doing a long-ish flight, you’ll know there’s usually a bit where your child wants to sleep but can’t get comfy and probably ends up lolling on your lap, leaving you both uncomfortable.

Now, a company has come up with a solution that promises to help – it’s a ride-on suitcase that turns into a bed, so your little one can snooze comfortably and leave you with a bit more free space.


JetKids BedBox will set you back around £120, and acts as a ride-on seat as well as a bed which, apparently, accommodates children up to 7 years of age.

Of course, they’ll need their own seat (you have to have a seat for children over 2 anyway) but, from the video, it looks pretty nifty and definitely looks like it could be a cosy on-flight bed for sleepyheads.


Decide for yourself – here’s the video: 

So, what do you reckon? Could it be good for a long haul flight? Or would it be just another thing to take on holiday when you’ve already got a million things to remember?

And would you want to fork out more than £100 on something you might only use once a year? Or would it be money well spent for those nightmare flights?

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