Plans to give pregnant women their own parking bays

Pink parking badges for mums-to-be in Wales


Heavily pregnant women could be given designated parking bays closer to the shops under a Wales-only law.


The pink badge, which would work in a similar way to the blue badge, enables the expectant mum to park nearer to the shops and help ease the strain of carrying heavy bags to far away car parks.

“There is evidence to suggest that a lot of pregnant women in their later stages stay away from the shops because they can’t cope with the walking,” Clwyd West Conservative explained. “They can also get prosecuted for using mother and baby spaces too. We want to make it easier for them.”


If the plans go ahead, pregnant women in the last three months of their pregnancy can be issued with a pink parking badge from their GP or midwife. The spaces will be located as close to shopping facilities as the blue badge spaces. “Anything that makes pregnant women’s lives easier, especially in the last trimester, is good,” said Karen Jewell of the Royal College of Midwives for Wales.


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