Playing video games boosts creativity

Good news for kids as study suggests playing video games helps increase creativity


Video games lead to more creativity, an American study of 500 boys and girls aged 12 years old has suggested. Violent games as well as softer human or nonhuman games were all found to help children be more creative in drawing and story writing tasks.


The more kids played the video games the more the effect could be seen, tests carried out by Linda Jackson, professor of psychology at Michigan state University showed. Using the Torrance Test of Creativity-Figural, the results revealed that regardless of gender, race or the style of game played, there’s a positive correlation between gaming and creativity.

Around 72% of households in the USA play video or computer games. It’s hoped that these findings will encourage video game designers to increase the aspects that lead to this increased creativeness.

In contrast, mobile phones, the internet and standard use of a computer wasn’t seen to have any effect on how creative children were.


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