Plucky toddler takes bus for 24 miles on his own

A two-year-old boy managed to hop on a bus and from Wales to Shrewsbury, without anyone noticing he was roaming alone


After calmly boarding the No. 558 in the Powys county town of Montgomery, the meandering minor toddled to the back seat and sat among a bunch of teenagers. It wasn’t until the last of the commuters got off at Shrewsbury, the final destination, that the driver asked, “Hey! What about your child?” To which a bemused passenger replied, “It’s not mine”.


A bit of social responsibility did kick in however when a concerned female commuter took the toddler off to the nearest police station after buying him a fresh nappy and some wipes. Travelling light, the boy had completely forgotten to pack any essentials and was sporting a minimalist capsule wardrobe for the outing – pyjamas, a nappy, socks but no shoes.

“Everyone on the bus naturally assumed the child’s parents were on there and didn’t make any comment about him,” reports Nick Culliford of Tanat Valley Coaches, the company who unwittingly aided the lad’s bid for freedom. “The bus driver tells me the child wasn’t in the slightest way distressed and didn’t call out for his mother or father at any time.”

Distressed? Of course he wasn’t, the trekking tot had been planning this jaunt for ages as part of his ongoing investigation into the realities of his favourite tune ‘The wheels on the bus go round and round’. He also had pressing business in England to attend to. Probably shopping for Shoesbury!

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