Baby born on London bus

Mum gives birth on the No.394 and names baby after the bus!


A London bus turned into a maternity delivery room after a woman gave birth en route to the hospital.


Heavily pregnant Emiloju Fatima Lawal was travelling to Homerton Hospital in East London after going into labour. However, she didn’t quite make it!

Fellow passengers urged the driver to put her foot down as Emiloju began to give birth. Minutes after the birth, an ambulance crew jumped on board to assist the new mum after the bus pulled over.

“When I got on the bus I couldn’t feel anything in my right leg. A man asked if I was ok and then the baby began to push. Then a few minutes later he came out and I said: ‘Excuse me, the baby is here,’” she told the Metro.

The proud mum-of-four named her newborn son Olatidebe Dennis Agboola – his middle name being in honour of the bus company! Amazingly, Emiloju said the birth was her smoothest of her four children.

Is it just us or does there seem to be lots of babies being born in weird and wonderful places recently? First we had the baby who decided to arrive in a car park! Then we saw a baby born on the pavement outside the hospital and one even arrived between the automatic doors of a maternity ward!


More recently, a woman welcomed her baby 2,000 feet in the air. Like Emilojo, the Malaysian mum who gave birth on an AirAsia flight has named her baby Ya Hang, which means Air Asia in Malaysian!

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