Pocket money still going strong despite the credit crunch

Poll reveals Glasgow is the pocket money hotspot


Pocket money has survived the credit crunch, with families still paying out each week for their children, a poll by Engage Mutual has found.


Glasgow parents are the biggest spenders, dishing out an average of £4.87 a week, adding up to an annual £253.24 per child. Children in Glasgow are also the youngest earners, receiving money from four years up.

Parents down in Southampton were shown to pay the least, spending £2.69 a week on their children’s pocket money, followed by Swansea and York.

Do you pay out or does your purse clasp stay shut? Find out what parents in your area are splashing out on pocket money…

Children get the most on average per week in…

Glasgow            £4.87

Newcastle          £4.67

Cardiff               £4.65

Portsmouth        £4.42

Coventry           £4.87           

And the least…

Southampton     £2.69

Swansea            £3.04

York                  £3.07

Norwich            £3.16


Oxford               £3.24

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