Wow, this is such a heartwarming tale of how the smallest of gestures can mean so much - particularly to children.


Single dad Robert Davies had taken his daughter Cerys Lily, 8, shopping in an Argos store near their home in Bridgend, South Wales.

All was going well, until Cerys - who has autism - spotted a Finding Dory lunchbox on display, and immediately fell in love with it.

When doting dad Robert asked a shop worker if they could purchase one, he was told that the lunchbags were actually not on sale until the following day.

Despite her dad trying to explain to her that they couldn't have one until tomorrow, little Cerys could not take this on board at all, and understandably, had a full on meltdown in the store.

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As her dad struggled to get her out of the shop and into their car, a passerby was concerned over Cerys's tears and phoned the police, telling them they had seen a child being put in a vehicle against their will.

(Obviously the passerby didn't know what the situation was - and did what they thought was the right thing!)

20 minutes, later, Robert had a knock at the door at home, and 2 uniformed officers informed him of the complaint.

Of course, once Robert explained what had happened, there was no case to answer - but what happened after that is nothing short of lovely.

We'll hand it over to Robert to explain, via the post he subsequently shared on Facebook:

"I'd like to to thank 2 officers PC Steven Bowen and PCW Leigh Francis who went beyond their call of duty for my daughter..

"I went to Argos with my daughter yesterday which many of you know she has Autism to get her a bedside lamp and when we walked in they had a display of the new Finding Dory stuff and she picked up a lunch box she could do with a new one so I took it to the counter and the girl said they are not on sale till tomorrow.

"Cerys lily started to get upset so I asked to see manager and she wouldn't budge either by now Cerys lily was in full meltdown getting very aggressive so I had to physically carry her out and get in the car...

"She eventually calmed down and managed to get her home and 20 mins later the police turned up to the house and I was reported for putting a child in car against her will.

"After I explained to the officers what had happened and they understood fully as 1 of the officers had an asperger's nephew.. as they were leaving they had a laugh with Cerys lily and put their flashing lights and siren on for her.

"Thinking that was the end of it I had a knock on the door this morning, it was the same 2 officers who'd gone to the Argos store and bought her the Finding Dory lunch box she wanted.

"I was a bit overwhelmed when they came so didn't get to thank them properly... there really are some good people out there. Feeling wonderful."

We are so chuffed for Cerys Lily, and a huge thumbs up to those brill police officers - really showing the human touch, eh?

And as for Cerys's fab dad - what a star he is, too ?

Pics: Robert Davies/Facebook

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