Pope pleas for sensible “Christian” names

Parents called on by Catholic Church to user proper Christian names for their children


Pope Benedict XVI has responded to the growing trend to copy celebrity baby names by issuing a plea to parents to name their children “proper” Christian names.


It’s thought the Pope was speaking out against a growing trend for Italian celebrities to name their children weird and wonderful monikers, which are then copied by the rest of the population. Most recently, Formula One Boss Flavio Briatore named his son Falco, meaning Falcon.

“Christian names are an indelible sign from the Holy Spirit that help protect family life,” said the Pope to explain his religion’s thinking behind baby names. But commentators have suggested that Pope Benedict was simply calling for some seriousness and common sense from families when it comes to naming their children.

As one in five parents regrets the name the give their child, is the Pope talking sense…or nonsense? With three rather uniquely-named children, we wonder if the newly pregnant Beckhams will be continuing their trend or heading down the traditional route.


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