Popstars Gary Barlow and Emma Bunton talk babies

Gary finds babies “frustrating” and the Spice Girl’s main focus is on her baby Beau

Take That front man Gary Barlow has admitted that he only bonded with his babies once they hit their toddler years and found it “frustrating” when they were babies, as they only wanted their mum! “The first bit, they only really want their mums because they feed them. Babies are just like little chimps. I don’t find it rewarding at that stage,” he told OK! Magazine.


The 39-year-old dad of three also revealed that he loves to have a conversation with his children, and he’s now best buddies with his eldest. “Don’t get me wrong, the whole baby thing is all cute and stuff, but I really like them when they start talking and knowing who you are. Dan and Emily are like my best friends now!”

Elsewhere in celebville, another popstar parent has been gushing about her family life too. Former Spice Girl and latest Dancing On Ice judge Emma Bunton isn’t planning on returning to her life on the stage anytime soon. Instead she is happy dedicating her time to her 2-year-old son, Beau.

“Beau is my main focus. I love singing but it means you work incredibly hard and right now I need time with my son,” she revealed to the Metro.


In her Spice Girls heyday, her main worry would have been dance routines, the perfect stage outfit and scheduling around-the-world tours. However, these days, 33-year-old Emma has one worry on her mind – baby Beau! “I’ve changed a lot – it’s not about me anymore. Any priority is my little boy. That’s all I seem to worry about. I love seeing his little smile in the morning. It makes me realise what’s important in life.”


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