Midwife and new mum: the picture that says it all

Blogger Baby Rabies explained our feelings about the kindness of midwives in one simple post...


Giving birth is such an intense and intimate experience – and many of us out there will have had truly lovely, touching memories of the people who’ve helped us give birth to our babies.


But how often do we think back on them? And pay due tribute to those people?

Sharing a black and white shot of her being introduced to the godsend that is an ice pack in your post-natal pants, mum blogger Baby Rabies (real name Jill) reminisced about her after-birth experience with a caring, supportive midwife.

In a post on her Facebook page that’s since gone viral, she wrote:

“I’ll never forget the faces of the nurses who followed me into the bathroom after delivering each baby.

“That moment when I was so vulnerable, so tired, scared, shaky. My swollen belly deflating, and my modesty long gone. They treated me with such kindness and dignity.

“For me, these have been moments of empowerment and confirmation that I have a real village to help me, even if just for that little bit of time in a bathroom, on a toilet, while a kind nurse shows me how to put an ice pad on my mesh undies.

“This photo by my friend MommaKT Shoots just takes me right back. Like, I can smell the Dermaplast.

“Let’s hear it for the nurses and the doulas and anyone else who shows us how to make ice pad underwear (or helps with that first shower post C-section!)”

Aw. Here at MFM HQ, this post really spoke to us and was a lovely – and necessary reminder –  of our own experiences ???

One of our team even says she felt this way when her midwife brought her a cup of tea after delivering her first baby. It was best cup of tea she’s ever had in her life, she adds.

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Did you have a similar experience to Jill? Perhaps it was a nurse, a doula, a doctor, a health visitor, whose care you remember so vividly?

Maybe your experience was not so rosy?

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Image: MommaKT Shoots via Facebook/Baby Rabies

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