A pregnant teenager with Tourette’s syndrome was shocked when she started braying like a donkey days after conceiving.


Cody Hagel, 18, fell pregnant five months ago and has since been making the noises more than 30 times a day, while also starting to shout ‘yes’ and ‘haha.’

Cody used to experience up to 20 leg twitches and head jerks a day but her tics were never verbal.

“The braying started pretty much immediately after I fell pregnant and I’ve been suffering ever since,” said Cody, reported The Metro.

The American teen blames the source of her embarrassing affliction on her parent’s two donkeys, Oliver and Rachel, who live on the family farm in North Dakota.

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“It’s a familiar sound on the farm so that probably explains why I’ve started to mimic it,” said Cody.

“It’s very embarrassing but my family are very understanding,” added Cody.

Cody has suffered with Tourettes, a neurological condition, since puberty but blames her pregnancy hormones for her new symptoms.

Cody’s baby has a 50% chance of developing the syndrome.

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