Pregnancy concert to be held in Edinburgh

Pregnant musician will host the event for mums-to-be, which has been dubbed ‘Wombstock’


Singer and mum-to-be Gulzhan Ibraveya is set to stage a gig aimed specially at pregnant women.


The concert, which has been dubbed Wombstock, will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 2. Gulzhan’s band, Universal You, will perform just weeks before her own baby is due.

“Midwives now tell mums that music can really stimulate babies when they are developing,” explained the mum-to-be musician.

“I think if the mum doesn’t like heavier stuff then the baby won’t either, but I’ve noticed that when the music is more upbeat you definitely feel more kicks and when it’s more chilled out it soothes the baby.

“We’re also thinking about having a medic at the gig. We wouldn’t normally, but in a venue full of pregnant women I guess it might be a good idea,” added Gulzhan.

Not only hoping to create a unique show for pregnant women, Gulzhan also feels that Wombstock is a great social event for mums-to-be to meet.


“Most pregnant women meet at classes in the maternity hospital, but I don’t see why we can’t get together and have a good time in a different environment, doing something that we enjoy,” said Gulzhan.


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