Pregnancy gave me bigger feet, says Denise Van Outen

Celebrity mum also admits her tummy is softer and hips wider (like the rest of us!) following the birth of daughter Betsy

Celeb mum Denise Van Outen has revealed that her body shape has changed since she gave birth to her daughter Betsy last year – and she says she likes it!


Relating to all new mums who find it hard to shift the post-baby weight, 36-year-old Denise has admitted that she hasn’t got back to her pre-pregnancy shape. “My hip area is still wider so I can’t get into any of my old jeans,” she told Health & Fitness magazine. “My tummy is a problem area now but I quite like the fact it’s a bit soft as I think it’s womanly.”


Denise also revealed that her show size has increased too! “Strangely, my feet grew a whole extra size and haven’t gone back – I have had to give a whole shoe collection away!”

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