Pregnancy music player for babies and parents

American sound device lets your unborn baby listen to your music


A new portable music player lets you play your favourite tunes to your bump, while listening along yourself.


The Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System, created by the American Nuvo group, means parents-to-be may be able to influence the musical taste of their unborn child. Research also shows that playing music to your unborn baby can have positive effects on your baby’s development.

The system, which you can plug your iPod into, straps around your tummy and transfers music or sounds to your womb at safe levels, irrespective of the volume settings on your device.

Not only does the sound system play music to your unborn baby, it can also play pre-recorded stories and lullabies from friends and family.


The Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System comes with a soft fabric belt and inbuilt iPod pocket is available for under £80.

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