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Pregnant Amanda Holden's last night in Shrek - and we were there!

A very teary Amanda waved goodbye to Princess Fiona last night as she begins her maternity leave today.

Last night, pregnant actress and presenter Amanda Holden took to the stage for the very last time as Princess Fiona in the West End musical Shrek. We were in the audience, and despite Amanda's outstanding singing voice, we couldn't help watching her bump the whole time.


While Amanda's bump was meant to be concealed beneath the long green robes of Princess Fiona's costume, we could still see it - especially when Amanda tore off her skirt and tap danced in a very teeny leotard!

"OMG! Am just about holding it together! Very on the edge!" tweeted Amanda backstage, as she did many times throughout the performance.

However Amanda wasn't only emotional on stage - a few hours before the curtain went up the mum-to-be tweeted, "Putting Fiona make up on for last time! In pretty empty dressing room! Its like the end of a movie and hopefully I'll get a Happily Ever After."

Throughout her last song, it was evident just how upset Amanda was to be leaving, and she tried her hardest to sing through the tears. After an encore of I'm a Believer, director Rob Ashford took to the stage to thank the musical's leading lady for all her hard work. Amanda also said a few words thanking the cast and crew for supporting her through such a tough year, and nodded towards her husband, Chris Hughes and daughter, Lexi, 5, who were sat in the audience.

"It's all over!! Had the MOST amazing night with the best cast and crew ever!! Love you all! Break a Leg Kimberley for Weds!" the mum-to-be tweeted.

Once the applause finally stopped, fans retreated outside to the Shrek: The Musical stage door, anxious to see Amanda before she takes time away from the spotlight to rest and relax before her baby arrives.

When Amanda finally appeared, wearing a gorgeous white dress showing off her growing bump, the paparazzi went so crazy it felt like we were in a strobe-lighted rave. We felt extremely sorry for the poor woman - if it were us, we'd be looking like a deer in the headlights!

A few younger fans even brought Amanda flowers and chocolates, upset to see their idol leave. "I'm not retiring!" chuckled Amanda as she was ushered into her black car. We're glad you're not Amanda!

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